“Mathematics Modeling”

Croskey Real Estate was lucky enough to find Ms. Frugaletti’s math class.


“Imagine you are sitting in classroom listening to the teacher drone on and on about the seemingly pointless mathematical procedures you will be asked to demonstrate on the next test. Wouldn’t you want to know why you were learning it? Wouldn’t you want to know what this math was used for? Modeling the math through hands-on projects is a great way to inspire kids to explore mathematics. The seemingly pointless procedures become a clear pathway to reaching a specific end goal and achieving in real life situations. I am requesting graphing calculators, scissors, paper, colored pencils, and other classroom supplies to implement hands-on projects with my students. Having the supplies necessary to be able to conduct such projects in class will make the classes more interesting, thus motivating more students, and raise the achievement levels. Ideally, these projects will inspire students to continue their math education and enter careers in the math and science fields.” Ms. Frugaletti


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