Rules of Etiquette for home-hunting in Pittsburg



Miss Manners has probably not written a manual on the rules of etiquette for house hunting, but such rules do exist. When you follow them, you’ll endear yourself to your own agent, to the agents whose listings you’ll view, and to the homeowners you hope will accept your offer on their home.

Rule #1: Be on time for your appointment. If something happens that prevents you from being on time – like a wreck blocking the freeway or a flat tire – call!

And of course, if you need to cancel, call just as soon as you know that to be a fact.

The others, in no particular order:
Wipe your feet or use booties that the agent or homeowner supplies. Don’t track in dirt!
Control your children. If you’ve brought children along, keep them with you and enforce the “don’t touch” rule, even when there are tempting toys in the house.
Don’t bring your cat or dog inside. If it’s too hot for them to wait in the car, leave them at home or in a boarding kennel.
If you’ve made an appointment to see a home, go inside even if the outside doesn’t appeal. Remember that the homeowner has probably gone to some effort to get the home ready for you to view. And – you just MIGHT get a pleasant surprise.
Don’t open the refrigerator unless it conveys with the house.
Don’t help yourself to food or beverages. (I know, that goes without saying for most of us, but home buyers have been known to take a cold drink or a piece of fruit.)
Don’t sit on the bed unless the house is being sold furnished.
Don’t open dresser drawers.
Ask permission before using the rest room.
If you unlatch and open a window or a door, put it back the way you found it.
Don’t smoke in the house.
Do give your agent feedback. If you love the house, your feedback will be in the form of an offer. But if this isn’t the house for you, let your agent know about things you like and don’t like. This is information that will help him or her focus the search as you continue to look for the perfect home.

Are YOU ready to begin the search for the perfect home in Pittsburg? Then get in touch. I’ll be happy to help you find the home that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Does your Pittsburg home for sale have good curb appeal?


You know first impressions are lasting impressions. When it comes to selling your house in Pittsburg, curb appeal is the first impression, and can make the difference between selling your home and not selling it.

The human mind is a complex thing – and it often makes us see what we expect to see.

When a buyer sees a well-tended yard and home exterior, they enter the house expecting to see more of the same, and they generally do. When they see an un-tended lawn, weeds, and a torn screen door, they enter the house expecting to see signs of neglect and deferred maintenance – and that’s what they see.

That means… it pays to spend time making sure your home’s curb appeal is the best it can be.

With that in mind, here’s a check list of tasks to undertake before the first buyer or buyer’s agent views your home:

The house itself:

Power wash and repaint if necessary.
Check the front door for scuffs and scratches – repaint with an appealing color or even replace it with a nicer looking door. Check the back door and repaint if necessary.
If you have pets be sure to check for and remove muddy prints from the doors every day.
Screen doors – make sure all screens are in good repair, hinges are tight, and the handle/ latch works properly.
Windows and screens – wash, then repair any torn screens.
Replace cracked windows.
Clean the gutters.
Check all window frames and door frames for spider webs. Those critters work fast, so if your family usually uses the back door, check the front door daily.
Check your porch lights for unsightly bugs.

The yard:

Keep the grass watered, mowed, and edged.
Trim or remove overgrown plantings – let people see the house!
Add color with flower beds and/or potted plants on porch or steps.
Add fresh mulch to the flower beds and around the shrubs and ornamental bushes.
Check the fence and gate for sags. If it needs new paint, paint it.
Check the walk for large cracks and other tripping hazards. Repair or remove.
Add an attractive doormat.

Pick up and put away/dispose of everything that doesn’t belong – check for and remove kids’ toys, flyers, candy wrappers, hoses, gardening tools, etc. every day. (Remember, some people do drive by before they decide whether they want to see the interior.)

Should you need help with any of these tasks, get in touch. I keep a list of trusted Pittsburg service providers and I’ll be glad to share their names.