Is the Holiday Season a good time to buy or sell a home in Pittsburg?

Some believe that as the holiday season approaches, the time for buying or selling a home in Pittsburg is over for the year. Fortunately, it’s not the truth.
The holiday season is actually a very good time to put your Pittsburg home on the market or to go in search of a new home.
Why? For the very reasons that some people believe it to be a poor time.
  • There are fewer homes on the market.
  • There are fewer buyers looking.
  • People are pressed for time, due to holiday activities.
Fewer homes on the market mean less competition for home sellers. Your home for sale will stand out and get more attention.
Fewer buyers looking mean that buyers, too, have less competition. They’re less likely to get into multiple offer situations and “lose out” on several homes before having an offer accepted.
Holiday time constraints mean that those who are trying to buy or sell are serious about it.
Sellers can expect that those buyers touring their homes are serious. They aren’t just looking at homes to get decorating ideas, home-shopping because it’s entertaining, or looking around in anticipation of buying several months from now.
In fact, some of them may be looking now because they’ve gotten a job transfer and need to be settled in, or at least know where they’ll be settled, before the first of the new year. If they’re moving with children, they want to know which school district they need to enroll in, so choosing a home now has added importance.
Buyers can rest assured that the homes for sale really are for sale. The owners aren’t just “testing the market” to see what someone might pay. They’re also more apt to be flexible in negotiations.
Sellers who are willing to keep their homes in showing condition during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are serious. They too may have gotten a job transfer and need to be in a new community soon.
So if you want to buy or sell before next year rolls around, call me and let’s get started. The last quarter of the year is a very good time to buy or sell a house in Pittsburg.