Preparing to sell your Pittsburg home? Neutralize.

You’ve heard it many times – before you put your Pittsburg house on the market, de-personalize and neutralize.
Why? So buyers touring your home will see the room sizes, feel the flow, notice the special features and benefits, and most importantly – see themselves living there.
When your walls are covered with personal photos, political or religious posters, or trophy heads, they instead focus on the lifestyle of the occupants. When your shelves are filled with sports trophies or collections, that’s where their eyes and their attention is drawn.
I’ve shown homes when the would-be buyers hardly noticed the house because their attention was focused on interesting collections.
The same can be said for colors. As we all know, wild colors can be distracting, and some buyers will be put off by them. Yes, they could repaint, but since many today are looking for move-in ready, they’re apt to bypass a house that calls for a delay in moving in.
So choose one of the season’s popular “neutrals” and repaint before the first buyer arrives.
Bold colors in carpeting have the same effect – except that they signal more expense as well as a delay in moving in.
But there’s a second reason to neutralize walls and floors.
It’s the optical illusion created when floor coverings and wall paint colors change from room to room. Even if the house flows very nicely, it doesn’t look like it flows. It looks chopped up.
An easy flow from room to room makes a house appear more airy and spacious. The chopped-up feeling that results from different colors in each room makes a house feel smaller.
You de-clutter to give the feeling of more space – do the same with your paint colors, and, if possible, with your flooring.
Want to know what neutrals have been most popular with my buyers here in Pittsburg this season? Give me a call – I’ll be glad to share what I’ve learned.