How to make your 2018 real estate goals come true

Do you plan to buy or sell a home in Pittsburg in 2018?
Perhaps your home is already on the market and hasn’t yet sold. Perhaps you’ve already been searching for just the right house – but so far without success.
It could be that something is a bit “off” in your approach. Perhaps you haven’t been paying careful attention to the advice your agent is giving you. Or perhaps your agent forgot to give you good advice!
If your Pittsburg house hasn’t sold:
  • Take a fresh look at the price. Ask your agent to prepare a new market analysis and advise you on the correct price for your market in January 2018.
  • Be sure the house is in top form and ready for every showing: No clutter, no unpleasant smells, no dirty floors or toilet bowls. If you need a refresher on getting the house ready to show, let me know and I’ll share my seller checklist with you.
  • Unless you or someone in the family is in bed with the flu, say “Yes” to every showing request. No one will buy a house they can’t see.
  • Take the kids and pets and get out of the house when it’s being shown.
  • Seriously consider every offer and if necessary, work with your agent to compose a counter offer.
  • Ask how you can help spread the word by sharing information your agent has posted on line.
If you’re searching for a home in Pittsburg:
  • First, visit a lender and learn what you can afford. Get pre-approved for that mortgage loan.
  • Seriously consider what neighborhoods will suit you and your lifestyle. Avoid looking at homes in neighborhoods that just won’t do.
  • Give your agent a list of “must-have” features, AND a list of “Must NOT have” features. If you and a spouse or significant other don’t agree, work out those differences before you begin searching.
  • Be ready to make an offer when that perfect house appears. In a fast market, to wait is to lose out.
  • Make your offer realistic. You may be competing with others for the same house, so if you want the house, don’t try to get the bargain of the century.
If you have not yet begun, but you’re ready to get started, call me!
I’ll be pleased to help you sell your current home or find the home that exactly suits you and yours.
If you need to talk it over and get a little advice before deciding if now is the right time, I’ll also be glad to talk with you. So don’t hesitate… call today.