Are you ready to embrace 2018’s color of the year?

If you’re offering your Pittsburg home for sale this year, you naturally want to look as fresh and up-to-date as possible. Remodeling the kitchen might not be in your “home readiness” budget, but painting probably is on your list.
Should you follow the latest trend in color?
Everywhere we turn these days we’re getting news from paint manufacturers and decorators about the season’s trendiest color, and it’s a bit of a surprise.
The color: Purple, in it’s many variations. While Royal Purple comes to mind, wine red, plum, violet, and lilac are all being shown as the “In” colors this year.
This is a bit extreme for some. If that includes you, you probably won’t want to paint a whole room or even a whole wall. In fact, it would be wise not to do so, as it could limit the number of people who will be attracted to your home.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy and up-to-date.
Consider adding throw rugs, sofa pillows, or a large vase in your favorite shade of purple. You can also incorporate new colors with towels, floral arrangements, or pictures.
Adding color through accent pieces allows you to stick with neutrals for wall and floor coverings – which in turn allows home buyers to visualize their own furnishings in your home.
Remember that today, neutral doesn’t necessarily mean white or beige. “Newer” neutrals include the many shades and tones of gray, sage green, and even muted blues. All of these could look attractive as a background for some bright purple splashes.
If you wonder what Pittsburg buyers are saying about the new trend, call me! I’ll be glad to share.

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