Yes, home buyers in Pittsburg do open closet and cupboard doors

If you’re about to list your home here in Pittsburg you’ve no doubt been advised to do a thorough cleaning, declutter, and depersonalize so potential buyers can see themselves living there.
The next step is to clean out the closets, the cupboards, the medicine cabinets, and the pantry.
Why? Because potential buyers will open those closet and cupboard doors. They will look inside the medicine cabinets. They will check to see that the drawers in cabinets pull smoothly.
Go through all of your clothing and remove everything you don’t wear regularly. Put the seasonal items in storage, then take a deep breath and get rid of those items you haven’t worn in the last ten years.
Remember the shoes in the bottom of the closet. If you don’t ever wear them, don’t let them take up space.
Now look at your kitchen cupboards and drawers. There are those dessert glasses you bought at a yard sale 3 years ago and have never used. There are those chipped coffee mugs. There’s that huge serving bowl someone gave you six years ago, even though you only cook for two. There are all those “gadgets” you bought because you were sure you’d use them – but didn’t.
Your local thrift store will be glad to have them, so put them in a box and deliver them.
Now sort the medicine cabinets. If you’re like most of us, you’ll find both left-over prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies that are sadly out of date. You might also find tubes and jars of things that have completely dried up. And do you really need the last few sprays of the orange hair paint you used on Halloween a few years ago?
As long as you’re in the bathroom, check the linen shelves. Toss out those old towels (your local animal shelter would love to have them) and pack away the 3 or 4 extra sets of sheets.
Cleaning out the pantry can be really fun, although it’s almost guaranteed to make you cringe at how much money you’ve wasted on items you didn’t use. Look toward the back of the shelves. You’re apt to find cans and packages covered in dust. Check code dates. If an item is only slightly past the date, it’s probably fine to use, but if it’s 3 or 4 years past, it’s time for the trash can.
You might think that dry goods such as cake or muffin mix would be fine because the mixes are in sealed packages – but they’re not. It turns out that the leavening in those mixes “dies” when it gets old.
When you’ve finished sorting and tossing, you should have a few “empty spaces” that speak up and tell your potential buyers that “There’s plenty of storage in this home.”
Two added bonuses: It feels good to open a cupboard or closet door and not see clutter! And – you’ll have far less to pack and move into your new home when this house is sold.